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Turkish Washcloths

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Gently massage and exfoliate your face with our amazing Turkish washcloths. Made with silky soft, soothing fibers for fantastic spa-like results – refreshed, rejuvenated, glowing skin.
  • Gently exfoliates and rejuvenates skin
  • Gets softer with every wash
  • Perfect for gentle facial massages
  • Silky smooth and soothing texture
  • Extremely absorbent – quick dry time
  • Authentic Turkish design
  • FKT medically tested and non-toxic
  • Harvested from FSC managed forests
  • Eco-friendly – reuse 99.6% of processing solvent
Authentic Turkish Washcloths
13" x 13" each
* Color options are White, Driftwood, White with Driftwood, Oyster, and White with Oyster. Sold in sets of 4.
Contents: 85% Cotton / 15% TENCEL™+Plus Lyocell

Authentic Turkish Washcloths

Gently massage and exfoliate your skin with our amazing Turkish washcloth. Made with silky soft, soothing fibers for fantastic spa-like results – refreshed, rejuvenated, glowing skin. Our Turkish washcloth is super absorbent, soothing and gentle on skin. Living Fresh towels absorb and dry faster than other fibers for superior results guaranteed to bring that extra touch of luxury to your daily routine. Made with TENCEL™+Plus Lyocell derived from eucalyptus and other botanicals blended with cotton for a silky smooth sensation that gets softer with every wash.

Spa Treatment

Facial skin is delicate and can easily be irritated – so why use a product that can create redness, dry skin or clog pores? Our Turkish washcloths nurture and soothe your delicate skin. Treat your skin to the luxuries of our Turkish collection and make your everyday routine feel like a spa facial session. Made with breathable, moisture-wicking TENCEL™+Plus Lyocell, our washcloth gently exfoliates with amazing absorption properties that inhibit bacteria growth, and prevents unsavory odors.

Super Soft

Living Fresh’s Turkish washcloths continue to get softer with each wash without pilling – silky soft, smooth and soothing fibers. Our bath towel products are made with a wonderful botanical based fiber that contains amazing properties, preventing unsightly and uncomfortable textures that can cause skin irritations. TENCEL™+Plus Lyocell has a unique fibril structure that makes them extremely soft and supple, regardless of how many times they’re washed – luxury that lasts!


Our Turkish washcloths are authentic, made in Turkey and they’re absolutely amazing - soft, silky smooth, and absorb moisture better than other fibers. Made with TENCEL™+Plus Lyocell derived from eucalyptus and other botanicals blended with cotton – perfect for gently exfoliating and rejuvenating skin.

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Our Turkish washcloths are woven with TENCEL™+Plus Lyocell fibers derived from eucalyptus and other botanicals blended with cotton. TENCEL™+Plus Lyocell fibers are made from a renewable resource harvested and grown in FSC certified and PEFC protected forests – no irrigation, farming, or pesticides. Only 1 toxin free solvent is used during our fiber production, 99.6% of it is reused in a unique and proprietary closed loop, award winning production process. The botanical trees grow to full maturity in 10 years, only 10% is cut down.


Contents: 85% Cotton, 15% TENCEL™+Plus Lyocell;
Included with Purchase: Each Turkish washcloth set includes four matching washcloths. Cleanse and exfoliate like you are on a spa retreat!
Care Instructions: Please follow the wash and dry instructions on each label to retain washcloth properties. We recommend warm water. Do not use chlorine bleach as it can damage fibers. Fabric softener will coat the fibers and make the washcloths less absorbent. Plus, TENCEL™+Plus Lyocell dries faster than traditional towels – save money and energy!!

Exfoliate and Rejuvenate

Designed with an extra textural weave, our washcloths are the perfect addition for daily skin care routine. They gently exfoliate your skin.

Environmentally Friendly

Made with TENCEL™+Plus Lyocell, our Turkish washcloths provide qualities for a cleaner facial experience. This ethically made product is FKT medically tested and non-toxic.

Incredibly Absorbing

Our Turkish washcloths are designed to absorb moisture better than products made with pure cotton without added chemicals or toxic dyes. Made with TENCEL™+Plus Lyocell, which expand to absorb and transport moisture more efficiently.

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