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Travel Bedding

Take your designer bed sheets wherever you go with our travel bedding. It's environmentally friendly, silky smooth, stays cooler than other fibers, and inhibits dust mites.
  • Stays cooler than other fibers
  • Inhibits dust mites
  • Softer with every wash
  • Luxury that lasts – no pilling
  • FKT medically tested and non-toxic
  • Harvested from FSC managed forests
  • Eco-friendly – reuse 99.6% of processing solvent
Travel Bedding Size
50” x 93”
Contents: 52% Cotton, 48% TENCEL™+Plus Lyocell

Luxury Sheets

Sleep on designer bed sheets wherever you go with Living Fresh travel bedding. Environmentally friendly travel bedding, originally designed for luxury hotels, are now available for your home, recreational excursions, business trips or vacations! The silky smooth fibers are derived from eucalyptus and other botanicals which provide botanical benefits like inhibiting dust mites, odors, and staying cool and dry. Living Fresh is the best choice for on-the-go travel bedding.

Travel Inspired Bedding

With 40+ years of experience in the hospitality textile industry, our parent company Valley Forge, has extensive knowledge and experience with hotel travelers. Living Fresh has the best travel inspired bedding; our sheets are designed to withstand high temperatures, and get softer with each wash while maintaining its original silky smooth texture

Did we mention that our bedding supports the environment? Our bed sheets are FKT medically tested, non-toxic, harvested from FSC managed forests, and reuse 99.6% of processing solvent.

Softest Bedding

Originally designed for luxury hotels and spas, our travel bedding is silky soft and soothing on skin. They’re the softest bed sheets you’ll ever sleep on, and continue to get softer with every wash – no scratchy, rough pilling.

This can also be said about our pillow cases and luxury blankets. Our bedding is woven from the finest botanical fibers for the best sleep you’ll ever have. Available in an elegant white, the travel sack even has a built in pillow pocket.

Cool and Dry

If you’re a hot sleeper suffering from night sweats, our travel bedding is the perfect remedy. Traveling can be a stressful task, and the last thing you want is a restless night’s sleep away from home. Our sheets stay dry and cooler than other fibers for a noticeable difference. A single TENCEL™+Plus Lyocell fiber consists of millions of nano-fibrils, which absorb and transport moisture – other fibers lack this adaptive structure.

Environmentally Friendly

Living Fresh travel bedding has the highest designation within the USDA Biobased certification program for a product; a green certification you can understand and trust. The botanical fibers provide soothing qualities for a better sleep experience. Read more about USDA Biobased Products.

Many bedding providers claim to have the best bed sheets, the softest pillows and most comfortable bedding on the market – even self-titled themselves as sustainable or ethically made. But we’ve done our research and we know the difference, and now so do you.

Nighttime Congestion

Our TENCEL™+Plus Lyocell travel bedding has been thoroughly tested and measured for the ability to inhibit dust mite properties and activity. Results have shown an immense reduction or elimination of dust mites all together. During a recent case study, average dust mites observed after 42 days with cotton were at a count of 5,880 compared to our TENCEL™+Plus Lyocell fibers which ended with a count of 0.


Only 1 non-toxic solvent is used during our fiber production and 99.6% of it is reused in a unique and proprietary closed loop, award winning production process. Compare our process to the harsh production of bamboo rayon which uses 16 toxic chemicals to produce fiber. The botanicals used to process, require no irrigation, farming, or pesticides; grows to full maturity in 10 years. Only 10% is cut down!

Side Effects
Feel at home when you’re on-the-go.


Environmentally Friendly

Derived from eucalyptus and other botanicals, our travel bedding provides soothing qualities for a clean and comfortable sleep environment. Living Fresh provides ethically made sheets that get softer after every wash and inhibit dust mites.

Soft, Smooth & Soothing

Originally designed for luxury hotels, our travel bedding is the softest sheets you’ll ever sleep on, and they get softer with every wash. Our sheets are woven from the finest botanical fibers for a silky soft, smooth, and soothing texture.

Lightweight Comfort

Stay dry and cool with our bedding for a noticeable difference compared to other sheets. A single TENCEL™+Plus Lyocell fiber consists of millions of nano-fibrils which absorb and transport moisture – other fibers lack this adaptive structure.

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