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Stress relief is really important for our health and sleep; to effectively combat stress we need to find ways to naturally relax both our mind and body. Stress is something we all feel from time to time and it typically comes from three main causes: work, school, or family. While stress and anxiety isn't uncommon, these days it seems to be more of a regular feeling across all walks of life.

The question is, when these feelings of stress and anxiety arise, what are the best ways to deal with stress? Everyone responds to stress differently and most certainly everyone has their own ways of coping. Without a proper coping method in place, it's extremely easy to make the problem worse - especially if you're the type to panic.

Surrounding yourself with people and places that don't cause you stress can be difficult, so we created a list of 5 stress relieving tips we think you'll really enjoy and will find extremely helpful. We've also included additional information useful for when you feel the tremors of anxiety starting to bubble up.

Why Stress Relief is So Important

Besides the fact that no one likes to be stressed, it's uncomfortable, nerve-wracking, and, well—stressful! De-stressing yourself is super important! However, relieving anxiety and stress has a bigger impact on your life and overall health than you may think. A continual high level of stressed emotions can affect your body in a number of ways from sore muscles, an upset stomach, chest pains, and problems concentrating, to prolonged mental trauma. Taking the time to detect and address these physical issues will not only help your body but also your mind, and make you feel more in control of your emotions.

stress-relieving techniques

Stress-Relieving Techniques

There are a number of techniques that you can use to relieve your stress. One of the easiest and most popular is to meditate. This can be done anywhere at any time you feel like you need it, and the best part is that no one even needs to know you are doing it. Meditation can simply be a series of deep breaths over a few minutes at your desk, or can be based on a visualization that you focus on in a quiet space to get your mind realigned.

While meditating, or at any time, another great method of relieving stress from outside forces is to shut down all of your electronic devices and stay off them for a little while. This includes your TV, cell phone, tablet, and anything else connecting you with the outside, stressful world. So much noise, news, and information is flowing in and out of our ears and mind on a daily basis without us even knowing! Shutting all of this out will give your mind time to calm down and not feel so overwhelmed with constant noise.

exercise and stress.

Exercise and Stress

This next tip is one that we've all heard a thousand times before, but is possibly one of the more difficult methods to accomplish on a regular basis. Yes, we're talking about exercise! Believe it or not, your body needs to be active. Staying active will keep you feeling your best, especially if your stress comes in the form of aches and sore muscles. Even if your age or physical situation prevents you from doing as much exercise as you would like; just a quick walk or some small stretches is often enough to de-stress.

Stuck at your desk all day? Take a walk during your lunch break or do some secret leg stretches under your desk. Having a dog is also a great excuse to take them on a long evening walk to get your muscles moving - it will make them happy too! No matter how badly you don't want to exercise, the general feeling afterwards is one of happiness and success at getting yourself to do something you didn't want to! Stress management is crucial to staying healthy and exercise is a key ingredient to living a stress free life!

Superfoods that Reduce Stress

Eating well, which goes hand in hand with exercise, is another piece of the puzzle. Yes, that bag of chips or cookies does seem to make your stress go away, but in the long run all of that salt and sugar is affecting your mood! Even, for example, caffeine can keep you awake and jittery, making you feel stressed even if there's no real reason for it. The next time you're feeling stressed or anxious, try eating some dark chocolate (which will also relieve any sweet cravings you have), foods with Omega-3 fatty acids like fish, seeds, and nuts; or fruits and veggies with high a Vitamin C content.


Here are 10 superfoods great for stress relief:

  • Green Leafy Vegetables
  • Organic Turkey Breast – Much needed amino acids
  • Fermented Foods – Probiotics (e.g. healthy yogurt)
  • Blueberries – Great source of antioxidants
  • Salmon – Omega-3
  • Pistachios – For a healthy heart
  • Sunshine – Basically vitamin D which is found in salmon, egg yolks, mushrooms
  • Dark Chocolate – Contains anandamide, a chemical that aids to fight pain and depression
  • Avocado – 20 essential health-boosting nutrients
  • Seeds – Seaweed, nuts, pumpkin and sunflower seeds

Additional Stress Relieving Tips

Even if you've tried all of the above tricks to help yourself de-stress, there is still a lot you can do for yourself. Something that a lot of us forget to do is simply take care of ourselves! Take some time during the day or week, whatever works for your schedule, and treat yourself with something that is just for you. For some, just being alone is all that they need to collect their thoughts and reset. Try watching a movie by yourself, taking a long hot bath, or get your creative juices flowing by writing or painting. For the social types, have a good laugh or cry with a close friend or family member. This could be all that is needed to release your built up stress and pent up emotions.

Reducing Stressful Environments

Sometimes we do everything we can to control our stress and feelings but our environments can still affect us in a major way. From the weather to our workspace; everything we touch, see, and feel can have a positive or negative impact on our overall mood. Put some time aside so that you can clean and organize your various personal spaces. De-cluttering your workspace will help keep your mind open and clear; an important thing at work when so much requires your constant attention. At home, make sure your bedroom is designed to fit your needs. A healthy bedroom can become a 'sanctuary' for your senses. Re-decorate, organize, paint the walls an inspiring color, whatever you have to do to make it your own. Read our last blog post for more tips to freshen up your bedroom (add hyperlink once post is up)!

natural stress relievers

Natural Stress Relievers

There are many products available that can help you with stress relief, such as:

  • Soothing Music
  • Chamomile Tea
  • Massage Chairs

Here at Living Fresh we offer products designed to provide natural sleep remedies, including our beyond organic bed sheets. Our bed sheets are made with a sustainable eucalyptus fiber, TENCEL™+Plus Lyocell, for countless benefits including keeping you cool at night, reducing allergens and are 100% toxin free.

All of our TENCEL™+Plus Lyocell products contain eucalyptus fibers that naturally sooth muscles, clear congestion and calm us while we sleep. Our all-natural linen spray, hand lotion and foot cream contain the same eucalyptus benefits as our bedding, bath and sleepwear – promoting a stress free sleep environment. A good night's sleep is one of the best ways to fight harmful stress.

Stress Relief Techniques

The important thing to remember when dealing with stress is that it's almost impossible to avoid, it affects us all in so many different ways. Knowing this, don't feel bad about feeling over-stressed as this will only make it worse. Just remember that stress is a part of everyday life; learn what methods work best for you and execute. Take a step back, examine the situation, and decide what you are going to do about it. Certain techniques may work better for you than others so don't get discouraged. Keep trying until you find something that sticks and soon enough it will become like second nature.

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