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Transform Your Bedroom

A healthy bedroom has the capability of being a serene, peaceful, and inspiring retreat. Your bedroom should be the perfect place to let go of a stressful day, get comfortable with a good book, and be able to just breathe easy.

The look and feel of your room can directly impact your mood and energy, not to mention your health. Imagine spending your time in a bright and colorful room when your personality and design preferences are the exact opposite!

Starting off your day in a bad mood can have lasting effects, and while you won't always like where you are, the place you can control is the best place to start.

So, how do you create a healthy bedroom sanctuary of your dreams? Here are a few healthy home tips and tricks to transform your regular bedroom into a healthy bedroom:

  • Inhibit Dust Mites – Invest in a quality mattress encasement, pillows, pillow protectors, and pillow cases that inhibit dust mites. Dust mites have been known to cause congestion, asthma, eczema, and more.
  • Eliminate Bedroom Clutter – Donate, store away in your closet neatly, organize using under the bed containers and/or baskets; etc.
  • Inspiring Colors – Wall coverings, curtains, accent pillows, area rug, interior wall paint.
  • Fresh Air – Plants, natural linen spray, air purifiers; etc.

clean bedroom yogaWhy Keep Your Bedroom Clean?

Keeping a clean and organized bedroom often feels like a mountain you have to regularly climb. However, keeping your bedroom clean and appealing to the eye is important for more reasons than one. An organized and open space keeps your mind clear, and helps maintain stress when you have a lot going on.

The less clutter and items strewn around will also decrease the amount of dust. Dust mites can pile up, causing allergies and/or a stuffy nose when sleeping.

Fresh Looking Bedroom Ideas

fresh bedroom ideas curtainsSpring is the ideal time to freshen up your room with a new look, and there are a ton of easy and budget friendly ways you can do so! One of the quickest ways to freshen up your bedroom is to add flowers. Whether fresh or faux, flowers instantly brighten up your home by adding a gorgeous pop of color and are even known to increase happiness! If you choose to bring in fresh cut flowers, make sure to change them out weekly to keep them feeling fresh.

Curtains are a simple way to create a luxurious atmosphere and freshen up your bedroom. When choosing new window treatments, pay close attention to the dimensions; the panels should completely cover the window and just graze the floor. Adding matching tie-backs creates a polished look. If you love your current window treatment, open up the room a little more by hanging them closer to the ceiling. This creates the illusion of an extra-large window, allowing more light to come through and add some brightness.

fresh bedroom ideas pillows

The easiest, and perhaps most enjoyable way to update the feel of a room, is with the addition of new throw pillows. You can easily change these out for every season or incorporate new trends without breaking the bank. There are no rules for decorating with throw pillows either. Try to mix and match with different colors, sizes, textures, patterns, and styles to accomplish the perfect look.

Bedroom Organization

It may be tempting, but when revamping your room, don't just toss all of your miscellaneous belongings into the closet as this will cause a whole new problem! If you are already struggling with a disorganized bedroom, read our last post about organizing the linen closet as similar tactics can be used in your bedroom. Creating a system that easily works for you, and the space, is the best way to keep your bedroom fresh.

bedroom organizationWe find that breaking up the chores into smaller more manageable tasks spread out across a few days makes it feel like less of a hassle, and there's no pressure to finish in one day.

Healthy Bedding Ideas

Make sure you don't overlook the main focus of your bedroom, the place you probably spend 7-8 hours a day in; yes, we're talking about the bed. Restyling your bedding can make a big difference; not only with how your bedroom looks, but how your bedroom makes you feel. Select bedding that compliments your sleeping habits and/or preferences. If you’re a hot sleeper, shop for breathable, lightweight bed sheets that stay cool and dry. If you have skin sensitivities, you should shop bedding processed without the use of toxic chemicals; try finding something that is FKT medically tested and non-toxic like Living Fresh bedding. Look for any guarantees so that you can try the bed products out. For example, Living Fresh offers a 30 night guarantee to try out our bedding, if you’re not in love with them, you can return them free of charge.

Bedding Solutions

Living Fresh is offers many solutions to sleeper needs. The benefits of Living Fresh made with TENCEL™+Plus Lyocell are countless; inhibits dust mites, stays cooler than other fibers, gets softer with every wash, and makes a positive impact on our environment. TENCEL™+Plus Lyocell fibers dry quicker than other fibers which means less time spent in the dryer, a cheaper utility bill, and less wasted natural resources. This is a win, win for everyone!

Our mattress encasement protects from dust mites, bed bugs, spills, stains, and more. Top your bed off with our luxury mattress pad, it’s super soft, inhibits dust mites, stays cooler and drier than other fibers for a noticeable difference while you sleep. Our top selling bed sheets are no different, the best sheets you'll ever sleep on; made with TENCEL™+Plus Lyocell derived from eucalyptus and other botanicals blended with cotton for a silky smooth texture that gets softer with every wash.

Our linens have the highest designation within the USDA Biobased certification program for a product; a green certification you can understand and trust. FKT medically tested, non-toxic processing, and harvested from FSC managed forests. FSC managed forests do not require irrigation, farming, or pesticides which protect not only the botanicals, but the quality of our water and soil. The botanicals we use are rapidly renewable resources; only 10% are cut down, and quickly regrow to full maturity in less than 10 years.

healthy bed plantsDon't forget about the air you're breathing – more specifically the quality of the air you're breathing. Allowing fresh air and light to filter into the room regularly is very important. Placing plants in your room enriches and cleans the air you breathe in.

Creating a Healthy Sleep Environment

As American interior design Billy Baldwin once said, "Everything in a bedroom should contribute to an atmosphere of peace." If you aren't feeling a sense of peace and calm in your bedroom, change it! Taking the time to improve your space will help you feel better immediately, and also in the long run. Try new ideas, ways of organizing, or rearranging. There's no right or wrong, and you never know what you will discover works best for you and your space.

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