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Create the Perfect Bedroom

Decorating your bedroom can be overwhelming if you're not sure where to start. Making a decision on what bedding is perfect for you can be a tough decision. Deciding on color scheme, design, quality, customer reviews, and of course the price can and/will determine your shopping strategy. Think back to a time you walked into a fresh, clean luxury hotel room or resort and remember how it made you feel. Every item had a specific purpose by design, from the silky smooth, crisp bed sheets, to the super soft, plush bath towels, it’s all perfectly placed. Let's not forget about the bed, probably the best bed you've ever slept on. More than likely it was a soft, cozy, and refreshing experience, from the mattress pad down to the bed sheets.

A well-designed bedroom can inspire you visually, and relax you mentally; it should compliment your personality. Imagine if you could bring that same hotel feeling home, have that same level of comfort, cleanliness, and refreshing feeling every morning. In just a few simple steps you can bring that same luxury feeling home to your own bedroom.

minimal style

Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Your bedroom decor is where you can show off your true style to create the perfect space for your most cherished items. From colors and patterns, to textures and layering, anything is possible; there are no rules for creating the perfect living and sleeping space. Plenty of styles to choose from exist but here are a few that we really like:

  • Minimalist – This style is for the lover of modern style and design. Use little to no color and keep the décor simple and clean.
  • Boho – Boho enthusiasts like to include a little of everything in their décor, but somehow it all comes together to create an intriguing eclectic design.
  • Traditional – Traditionalist design often encompasses classic styles of dark bedroom furniture with a large profile. Patterns also tend to be more on the floral side.
  • Beachy – Living life by the beach is what this style is all about. Beachy colors like sand and seaglass, along with ocean-themed accessories like seashells complete this look.

For the restless at heart, those who don't like to stick to one style or trend for too long, dressing your bed in a base of white sheets and duvet will allow you to update your room's décor whenever you feel like it! All you have to do is swap out small key items like throw pillows, curtains, blankets, or area rugs, and you can totally change the space effortlessly. The white bedding will create the perfect canvas for your new design ideas. As a bonus, an all-white bed gives your room a constant fresh and clean feeling, which is also why white beds are traditionally used by hotels and resorts.

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The Best Bed Type for Your Room

If you don't already have one, determining the best type of bed for your room takes careful consideration. Take into account how large your room is and how much space you truly have for a bed after all of your other belongings are in the room (especially large items such as armoires, nightstands, and dressers). It can be tempting to buy a luxurious-looking king size bed, but in actuality, a bed of that size would end up taking over the whole room!

With budget in mind, look into bed styles with different headboards or no headboard at all. If you have more space to work with, a large solid headboard won't have a negative effect on the feeling of the room. Smaller bedrooms will benefit from beds that have see-through headboards or a platform bed that has a low profile with a small or no headboard at all. When your bed frame fits your space properly, not only will you visually have more room, but it’ll feel less cluttered.

Keep in mind that if you go for an uncommon bed size or type, you could run into trouble when shopping for the perfect sheet set. For instance, a split king bed is basically two twin mattresses together. For this style, you will need a bedding that comes with two extra-long twin fitted sheets and one king flat sheet.

How to Buy Bedding

Who would have thought that when buying new bedding, there is so much to think about! Most people don't realize but there are many components to dressing an entire bed, and it all depends on bed type and your personal bedding needs. The first thing to consider is whether your mattress and pillows are protected. From what you may ask? Well, mattress encasements and pillow protectors are what keep your mattress and pillows free from dust mites, bed bugs, and an excess of dead skin cells (which dust mites feed on!). Nobody wants to sleep in that! You can also increase the comfort of your mattress with a super fluffy mattress pad which will totally change the way you feel about your bed.

buying bedding

When it comes to the top of the bed, sheets are a priority. Sheets are what you are actually sleeping on and what your skin is in contact with all night long. That’s why it’s so important to dress your bed in sheets made from the best materials to suit your needs.

Living Fresh bed sheets are woven with TENCEL™+Plus Lyocell derived from eucalyptus and other botanicals to create a silky smooth sheet that stays cooler than other fibers, dries exceedingly fast, and gets softer with every wash. TENCEL™+Plus Lyocell is also harvested from FSC and PEFC protected forests which are a rapidly renewable resource!

Top your bed sheets off with our amazing, extremely breathable duvet insert and silky smooth herringbone blanket. Our artfully crafted, double line embroidered duvet covers offer additional luxury and protection for your duvet insert or comforter. Available in 6 color schemes, inserts can easily be swapped out for a new look, color, or pattern. Lastly, don’t forget to pile on the pillows; we offer soft or firm luxury bed pillows that are stuffed with the same TENCEL™+Plus Lyocell woven into our top selling sheets.

The benefits of Living Fresh bedding made with TENCEL™+Plus Lyocell are countless; inhibits dust mites, stays cooler than other fibers, gets softer with every wash, and makes a positive impact on our environment. TENCEL™+Plus Lyocell fibers dry quicker than other fibers which means less time spent in the dryer, a cheaper utility bill, and less wasted natural resources. This is a win, win for everyone!

"Create your own visual style…let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others."- Orson Welles

Creating your bedroom sanctuary should be fun, the experience should not only inspire you, but the final product should continue to impact your mood, health, and overall well-being. On average, we spend 8 hours a night in our bedroom. That's 56 hours per week, 224 hours a month – not including Netflix lounge sessions!

personal style

The quality of your room, and your bedding, is extremely important. Nurture your space as you would your own body, because a well-thought out bedroom with superb bedding can make a lasting impression on how you feel, both in and out of the bed.

So, get creative and don't worry about finding the perfect matching accessories or the trendiest headboard. Let your creative side out and express your individual and unique style.

There are so many options and styles available (and for every budget) that you are bound to find the perfect set-up in no time!

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