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Healthier Sleep

Feeling well-rested may seem difficult to accomplish. We spend a majority of every day running around, which gets physically and emotionally exhausting. Sometimes we feel ready to fall asleep in the middle of the day, but when it comes time to actually go to bed for the night, we become restless and unable to fall asleep at a proper time. Getting into bed at a decent hour is just one of the ways you can make a big difference in your quality of life.

Improving sleep hygiene is easy to achieve and will also lead to a much healthier lifestyle. Waking up feeling congested or with body aches is a sure sign that your bedding is an issue, and something as simple as choosing the right bedding can have a major effect on our health and well-being. Almost all traditional cotton bedding traps in moisture, creating an environment that is susceptible for mold and spore growth. If these harmful bacteria are growing on the surface you sleep on, it is inevitable that they will be inhaled and can cause illnesses.

The most popular cause of household-related allergies is dust mites. These air born menaces can cause irritating symptoms such as teary eyes, stuffy nose, sneezing, and itchy throat. Dust mites can live very easily in bedding and other fabricated items but preventing them is simple. Tencel Plus+Lyocell™ is a fiber made from eucalyptus and helps to create an unsuitable environment for dust mites. If a product is made of at least 30% Tencel Plus+Lyocell™, the item is completely protected and you can rest easier knowing you are sleeping on a healthier bed.

Tencel Plus+Lyocell™ is the healthiest fiber available. The eucalyptus fibers are tested and proven to be healthier for your skin than any other fiber, especially for those with delicate skin or conditions such as eczema. The sheets do not go through any processing with harmful chemicals, making it safer for you and the environment.

Another way to sleep healthier is to spend time relaxing prior to getting into bed. There are many different types of relaxation methods such as meditation, pressure point massages, and breathing techniques that you can try. Using certain essential oils such as lavender can also create a sense of elation and calmness.  Try combining these tools to create a zen zone, putting your mind at ease and making a good night's sleep much easier to obtain.

By taking the proper steps, a great night's sleep is easy to obtain. When achieving the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep, the benefits begin to accumulate and become more noticeable. Sleep improves memory, sparks creativity, kick-starts metabolism, and reduces stress.  When healthy bedding is added to a healthy sleep routine, the benefits are immeasurable. Breathe and rest easy knowing that Living Fresh bedding supports your health, body, and mind.